Study finds Millennials most susceptible to phishing

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Phishing scams to find personal information You might expect the young and tech savvy to be less gullible than their parents’ generation when it comes to cybercrime. However, in surprising news and according to a recent Get Safe Online study, this is not the case. A youthful Millennial is twice as likely to fall for a phishing scam as an ageing Baby Boomer – and to lose more money in the process.

Why is this? It seems that younger internet users are less naturally suspicious, having grown up with this technology. They are also not as careful in reading their emails and have a greater tendency to click on dodgy links and attachments. Lastly, and perhaps surprisingly, they tend to be more inclined to reuse the same password across multiple platforms.

In addition to this, it seems that youngsters cope less well with the fallout, and are more likely to suffer from stress as a result of being scammed. Youngsters these days, eh? Despite this, it appears that scammers continue to view the elderly as their favored targets.