Super Bowl red face for ISP company

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Super Bowl red face for ISP companyNaïve US cable giant Charter Spectrum has been ridiculed for urging American Football fans to change their WiFi passwords in support of their teams in the Super Bowl kick-off on 5th February. While adopting ‘Go New England’ or ‘Go Atlanta’ may show commendable team loyalty, it does render a supporter’s password eminently hackable. Duh.

Perhaps it would have made more sense for the second largest US cable TV and ISP company to suggest that users change their router SSID – the name that shows up when searching for available Wi-Fi networks near to your device – as this name is broadcast publicly and poses no cybersecurity risk.

Having dropped the ball so conspicuously, Charter Spectrum is now keeping a low profile. With US data protection laws being quite strict, it’s to be hoped that no customer suffers a data breach as a result of the misguided advice…