Surveillance footage sent to the wrong address

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home camera cctv monitoring system alarm smart house videoIt must be disconcerting to tune into footage from your home security camera to find yourself looking at complete strangers. This has recently happened in Britain to users of cameras made by Swann Communications – a subsidiary of Infinova Group, an international security camera specialist headquartered in the US.

The first incident involved sending video clips of the inside of a private house and its residents to someone else’s app. Swann dismissed this as a one-off glitch. Soon after, however, a member of the public started receiving film from a pub’s CCTV system instead of from their home. After some tenacious detective work, the recipient tracked down the pub and alerted them to the problem.

Swann initially seemed reluctant to take responsibility for the security breach, claiming it was probably the result of two identical user names and passwords. Since then, it has admitted that two of its cameras may have been manufactured with the same security key. Security analysts are concerned that these may not be isolated incidents.