Swedish man fined £400,000 for sharing film online

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Hacking concept on the enter keyAn unnamed Swedish man has been handed a 4.3m Swedish Krona fine – equivalent to £400k – for uploading one film to a toerrent sharing website. He has also been given a suspended jail setence and 160 hours of community service. He is thought to have uploaded up to 500 titles online.

However, whilst many are outraged, this case has highlighted the desire to reform copyright laws in order to allow a culture of sharing in the digital age. Many believe piracy and copyright legislations are outdated.

Film studio Nordisk Film AS – which owns the rights to the title the man uploaded – calculated what it felt was the financial loss of it being shared illegally online. It had asked for double the awarded amount. The publishers of the other films the man had shared failed to make an estimation on the losses they would have made thanks to the online sharing, so no damages were awarded.

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