Symantec source code published by hacker

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Symantec source code published by hackerAntivirus firm Symantec has recently been the victim of a hack attack in which the hacker released the source code for its pcAnywhere utility. Fears have arisen that hackers could analyze the code to find security holes and then attempt to take over customers’ computers.

The release of the source code allegedly came after the hacker asked for $50k from Symantec in exchange for destroying the code, though both parties now deny participation in negotiations. Nonetheless, Symantec were aware that the code would be published at some point and took the time to fix known security problems before it was. Symantec says that if users are running updated, patched versions of the software, there should not be an increased security risk.

The source code for another of Symantec’s programs, Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition and Norton Internet Security, was obtained back in 2006 by hackers. Again, if released, Symantec said users have no reason to worry as it is old code.

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