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September Patch Tuesday contains crucial fixes

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In what’s become a regular fixture on the cybersecurity calendar, major tech giants recently issued a welter of updates as part of September’s Patch Tuesday. Adobe has repaired a couple of flaws in its Flash Player, released an update for its RoboHelp help authoring tool and mended four glitches in… Read more »


Keep tabs on your phone

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The great smartphone dilemma is whether to opt for safe and boring or insecure and interesting. Anyone in possession of an all-singing, all-dancing mobile should make sure they are fully aware of its vulnerabilities and take preventative measures. Most people keep a treasure trove of valuable data on their phone,… Read more »


Android vulnerable to malicious Wi-Fi attacks

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A researcher has found that Android phones in particular are vulnerable to drive-by wifi infections. Due to glitches in a widely used wifi chip, hackers are able to seize control of mobile devices without needing any user interaction. The flaw appears to reside in the wifi chipset made by Broadcom,… Read more »


Android forum hacked

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Android is playing down the severity of the recent attack on its popular Android Forums servers. While acknowledging the hack, the mobile operating system is quick to point out that the breach only affected a small percentage of its users and that a limited amount of data was accessed. Nevertheless,… Read more »


Mixed results on Google security

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Are you a glass half-empty or glass half-full kind of person? How would you rate the following story then? The fact that 50% of Google’s Android devices have now received much-needed security updates is good news. However, the fact that the other 50% remains unpatched is hardly reassuring. Google is… Read more »


Google Play users blackmailed into giving good reviews

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Online games players are being bombarded with pop-up ads by an aggressive Trojan Android app. They are then conned into thinking that the ads will disappear if they give the app a bogus five-star review. As well as contravening Google Play Developer Policy on placing phoney reviews, it also has… Read more »


Beware of bogus Android apps

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Never, ever download apps outside of authorised app stores. Never. Attackers are using Gooligan malware as a launch pad for rogue Android apps aimed at stealing users’ data. According to security researchers, the best way to avoid being stung is by steering clear of dodgy app stores and sticking religiously… Read more »


Google suffers record hack

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Security firm Check Point has found that more than a million Android users have been put at risk by malware that allows hackers to root their devices remotely – and the number is rising at a rate of 13,000 each day. The Gooligan malware has been affecting Google’s Android devices… Read more »


Online banking targeted by new Trojan

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A dangerous new Trojan is threatening active users of mobile banking apps across the US, Australia and parts of continental Europe. The Android banking Trojan, disguised not as a wooden horse but as a Flash Player app, can sidestep SMS-based two-factor authentication to steal customers’ log-in credentials. It is believed… Read more »


New Trojan bank robber at large

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Gugi, a new banking Trojan, has found a way of sidestepping Google’s Android defence system and pilfering users’ mobile banking credentials. Gugi creates a bogus overlay screen, then tricks users into handing over log-in details for their accounts. Android’s 6.0 Marshmallow operating system is designed to prevent this happening, but… Read more »