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Beware of bogus Android apps

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Never, ever download apps outside of authorised app stores. Never. Attackers are using Gooligan malware as a launch pad for rogue Android apps aimed at stealing users’ data. According to security researchers, the best way to avoid being stung is by steering clear of dodgy app stores and sticking religiously… Read more »


Google suffers record hack

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Security firm Check Point has found that more than a million Android users have been put at risk by malware that allows hackers to root their devices remotely – and the number is rising at a rate of 13,000 each day. The Gooligan malware has been affecting Google’s Android devices… Read more »


Online banking targeted by new Trojan

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A dangerous new Trojan is threatening active users of mobile banking apps across the US, Australia and parts of continental Europe. The Android banking Trojan, disguised not as a wooden horse but as a Flash Player app, can sidestep SMS-based two-factor authentication to steal customers’ log-in credentials. It is believed… Read more »


New Trojan bank robber at large

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Gugi, a new banking Trojan, has found a way of sidestepping Google’s Android defence system and pilfering users’ mobile banking credentials. Gugi creates a bogus overlay screen, then tricks users into handing over log-in details for their accounts. Android’s 6.0 Marshmallow operating system is designed to prevent this happening, but… Read more »


‘Paranoid’ Android under quadruple attack

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Security firm Checkpoint has identified that 900 million Android devices are currently at risk from hackers. Due to four new vulnerabilities – dubbed Quadrooter – hackers can potentially gain rooting privileges, which would then give them full control over the affected device. Google and hardware manufacturer Qualcomm have introduced measures… Read more »


Android and Samsung Pay to hit the UK

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Several financial institutions have shown an interest in the plans by Google for Android Pay to become available in the UK in the coming months. Nationwide Building Society, Lloyds Bank and HSBC have all welcomed plans for the introduction of the facility which allows an Android device running 4.4 or… Read more »


Which mobile devices are safer?

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Amongst the many questions we ask ourselves each time our much-loved phone upgrade rolls around is: which device is safer? Nowadays, mobile phones are no more safe than computers, and their systems’ security continues to be compromised by a rising number of malware and hack attacks. Industry commentators have been… Read more »


Malicious bug exposes Android users to hackers

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Researchers who recently discovered a bug in the Android mobile operating system say that it is very serious and one of the worst flaws they have come across. The researchers are from the US security firm, Zimpherium, and claim that millions of devices may be affected. The bug has apparently… Read more »


Android apps hacked to mine virtual cash

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According to security firms Android apps that have been downloaded millions of times have been subverted to mine virtual coins for cyber thieves. Two firms have found apps inside and outside the Google Play store seeded with the hidden mining code. The programs have been mining coins for the Dogecoin,… Read more »


Smartphones prime target for hackers

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Cybersecurity analysts say nefarious forces are increasingly turning their attention to the most personal computer you own, the one you carry everywhere and trust with some of your most sensitive secrets – your smartphone. “Over the last two years or so, we have seen a huge influx” in the number… Read more »