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Operation Icarus’ impressive tally

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The hacking collective ‘Anonymous’ have lived up to their threat of making May the month of ‘Operation Icarus’, targeting 18 financial institutions in one week alone this past month. The peak of their current activity seems to have been on May 18th with 8 websites taken off line. Their trademark… Read more »


Anonymous and Operation Icarus

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Earlier this month, infamous hacking collective Anonymous published a video threatening a sustained 30-day onslaught on global financial institutions, naming the operation Icarus. As always, YouTube served as the platform for the announcement, which singled out the likes of MasterCard, PayPal, Visa and NASDAQ as targets of the imminent attack…. Read more »


Anonymous targets Donald Trump

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The well known Hacker group Anonymous has revealed information about the presidential candidate Donald Trump designed to highlight his purported fascist sympathies. The information was presented via a video and follows a previous supposed revelation of Trump’s social security number amongst other personal data by the infamous group. This earlier… Read more »


Large-scale DDoS attacks hit Saudi government sites

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Government websites in Saudi Arabia have fallen victim to a distributed denial of service attack, responsibility for which has been claimed by the hacker group Anonymous through Twitter. Different government departments in the country have been targeted allegedly because of the recent execution of a leading Shia cleric, Sheikh al-Nimr…. Read more »


Anonymous launches campaign against IS

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Although hacker group Anonymous occasionally provides light relief in the world of internet security, it has recently taken up a more serious and combative tone. Following the recent terrorist atrocity in Paris, the group now has ISIS very firmly in its sights, launching a retribution campaign called Operation Paris. Anonymous… Read more »


Anonymous publishes list of KKK supporters

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Well-known hacker collective Anonymous has released details of hundreds of alleged Ku Klux Klan supporters in an apparent bid to counter racial violence and in response to a recent threat of action by Klan members. This is the second such publication of members’ details, the first one appearing not to… Read more »


US Census Bureau suffers attack by Anonymous

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The group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for an attack on a US government website, resulting in access to sensitive employee details. The department in question is the United States Census Bureau and the hackers have harvested personal information about employees which has been published online. Of more concern, however, is… Read more »


Baltimore police officer details posted online

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Hackers connected with the group Anonymous have published details of police officers from the City of Baltimore Police Department. The hackers claim that these details are the email addresses and passwords for seven serving employees within the Baltimore Police Department and one city official. The disclosure occurred after the death… Read more »


Cambridge University hacked by Assange supporters

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What seems to be the usernames and passwords of 17 academics at one of Britain’s most prestigious universities have been posted online by NullCrew, a group linked with the large hacking network Anonymous. NullCrew said that it hacked the system in support of Julian Assange. NullCrew claims that if the… Read more »