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Apple chip supplier halted by virus

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The world’s largest supplier of semiconductors and microprocessors has lost a whole day’s production due to a virus that has infected its computer system. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) estimates the cost of lost production will be around $250 million, but expects to make up the shortfall during the fourth… Read more »


Apple file system hit by new glitch

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For the third time since its introduction a year ago, Apple’s high-end file system (APFS) has fallen victim to a bug. The latest vulnerability affects macOS High Sierra, leaving the encryption passwords of users with external storage devices exposed in plaintext – and therefore wide open to attack. Not all… Read more »


Researcher reveals longstanding macOS bug

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A hobbyist hacker codenamed Siguza has unearthed a macOS local privilege escalation (LPE) vulnerability that appears to have been lying dormant in the system since 2002. As macOS doesn’t fork out bug bounties, Siguza opted to disclose the discovery via Twitter on New Year’s Eve instead of privately alerting Apple…. Read more »


Hacking made easy

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Well that’s awkward. Apple, which prides itself on its in-built gold standard security, last week announced that it was releasing a patch for a rather crucial vulnerability. It seems that for a while, all you needed to do to gain access to any Apple machine running the new High Sierra… Read more »


Don’t always do what a pop-up tells you

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Be wary of plausible-looking log-in forms – they could be a phishing attack designed to steal your password.  An Apple iOS researcher has discovered that it takes hardly any time or expertise to knock together the coding for a bogus pop-up requesting a user’s credentials. Even Apple’s two-factor authentication is… Read more »


Keep tabs on your phone

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The great smartphone dilemma is whether to opt for safe and boring or insecure and interesting. Anyone in possession of an all-singing, all-dancing mobile should make sure they are fully aware of its vulnerabilities and take preventative measures. Most people keep a treasure trove of valuable data on their phone,… Read more »


Antique malware evades detection

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A recently discovered strain of malware that targets Apple Mac computers may have been in existence for many years. The malware, which is known as Quimitchin, has been carrying out closely targeted attacks on US and European scientific institutions in order to steal biomedical research findings. Researchers from Malwarebytes suggest… Read more »


Intelligence agency stumped – or was it?

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Was the FBI being a bit disingenuous in its dispute with Apple over the San Bernardino shootings? A Cambridge University security researcher suggests that they could have used equipment costing less than $100 to bypass the PIN code security measures on the terrorist’s iPhone 5c. It seems improbable that its… Read more »


Big Brother isn’t watching you – or is he?

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“I know everything.” Inspector Clouseau once stated to a roomful of suspects. “And I know nothing.” The great French detective may seem an unlikely inspiration for the world’s largest tech company, but Apple claims to have found a solution to the anomaly of gathering information about its client base without… Read more »