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Exploit broker ups its payout rates for tip offs

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Zerodium is an American information security company that buys premium zero-day vulnerabilities from security researchers and then reports the research, along with protective measures and security recommendations, to its corporate and government clients. As part of its newly-published menu of rewards, Zerodium has recently announced that it will be paying… Read more »


Yelp calls in bug bounty hunters

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Yelp, the online customer review service, is offering hackers up to $15k to pinpoint vulnerabilities in its system. Yelp receives around 140 million unique visitors to its desktop and mobile platforms each month, making it a perfect target for hackers. Particular concerns are that attackers could maliciously tamper with reviews,… Read more »


The 10-year-old Instagram hacker

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Instagram has been hacked by a ten year old boy. Jani from Finland found a way of deleting comments made by other users – three years shy of the official age at which users are permitted to join the platform. After notifying the company and reproducing the issue on a… Read more »