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More Chrome extensions infected

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In terms of worldwide usage of web browsers as a desktop browser, Google’s Chrome has a market share of over 60%. Its extensions – the small software programmes that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser – are often used as efficiency tools and productivity aides. The… Read more »


New malware snares with faulty font rendering

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Hackers like nothing better than laying a trap for the innocent computer user, then sitting back to watch them fall into it. We imagine it a little like a Hollywood ‘black hat’ film crossed with the slobby dude from Jurassic Park with a bag of popcorn thrown in. Anyway. The… Read more »


Nowhere to hide for insecure sites

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Firefox, Mozilla’s free and open-source web browser, is gunning for sites that collect personal data without using HTTPS encryption, in an attempt to combat the growing number of phishing attacks. Google’s Chrome web browser already flags up insecure cleartext sites that collect users’ passwords. From now on, Firefox will also… Read more »