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Landmark court case

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The company Epic Systems has just been awarded over 900 million dollars in a court case brought against one of its contractors for accessing trade secrets. This amount may be reduced as the company involved plans to appeal. Epic sells electronic software for the healthcare industry and the contractor in… Read more »


A more insidious use of driverless cars

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How secure is a driverless car really? If it is possible to hack into and manipulate the onboard computer of a standard motor vehicle then could this also be possible with a driverless car? Numerous cases in recent months have highlighted the relative ease with which car systems could be… Read more »


The woman behind bug bounty programmes

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Katie Moussouris is a woman with impressive credentials when it comes to helping organisations defend themselves against cyber attack. Building on her time at HackerOne where Moussouris was instrumental in convincing Microsoft that a bug bounty programme might be a neat idea, Moussouris is at the forefront of an emerging… Read more »


Uber: Friendly hackers welcome

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Uber, continuing its trend of unique business modelling, has offered employment to friendly hackers as part of its cyber security protection measures. By putting its business offering into the marketplace for ethical hackers to test and exploit, Uber is using the latest techniques to make sure its website and apps… Read more »


Sony assures users information is safe after hack attack

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Hackers hit the Sony Corporation’s huge PlayStation network. This comes in the same week a bomb threat was made to a flight carrying a top Sony executive in US. Sony issued a statement on their PlayStation blog explaining that the network was taken down by a denial of service attack,… Read more »