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Cars held to ransom(ware)

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While technology has improved automotive safety in plenty of ways, the increase in internet connectivity also opens the door to potential cyber criminals. Nearly three quarters of new cars have telematics systems, giving hackers the opportunity to lock drivers inside or outside their vehicles or even freeze the ignition; leaving… Read more »


Scottish lawyers get cyber smart

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New research by market research company Ipsos MORI which was commissioned by the Law Society of Scotland reveals that, while cyber security is a worry, most solicitors north of the border view technology as an aid to their practices. The findings unveiled at the Law Society’s Technology and Cybercrime Conference… Read more »


The cyber crimes that escaped the limelight

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Just as politicians like to use a big disaster story to divert attention from their smaller gaffes, so the massive Yahoo debacle has allowed a number of other security breaches to slip under the radar. As well as the previously chronicled attack on a nuclear power plant, a hacker has… Read more »


Office 365 gets security thumbs up

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Around 60 million businesses have adopted Office 365 as their cloud-based office suite of choice. While its in-built security features are viewed in a positive light, they can also be augmented with add-ons. The specific characteristics that customers favour include Active Directory – which is easy to integrate with in-house… Read more »


A question of security

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In the wake of the recent record-breaking Yahoo security breach, questions are being asked about whether security questions – such as the user’s birthplace or the name of a first pet – are still viable. Once this information is in the hands of hackers, it can have the unfortunate side… Read more »


Email – the root of all evil

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Amazingly, email has been around in one form or another for nearly 50 years – but is it finally past its sell-by date? As far as cyber crime goes, it is an unlocked door or unattended handbag; offering an irresistible opportunity to any light-fingered passer-by. Some would argue it is… Read more »


HTTPS, our silent cyber security friend

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What happens when you add an S to HTTP? Answer – the Internet magically becomes a whole lot more secure. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. Imagine the Internet as a series of tubes. Security-wise, with HTTP those tubes are totally… Read more »


New Chinese rules could open the door to hackers

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A coalition of international businesses is lobbying the Chinese government to ask it to rethink its new cyber security legislation. The new laws were first mooted in 2015, essentially as a means to give the Chinese government more control over its IT infrastructure as a way of increasing censorship powers…. Read more »


Olympic hackers up their game

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Cyber-spoilsports are using the increase in social media activity surrounding the Rio Olympic Games as an opportunity to target both fans and brands worldwide with social media scams and malicious apps. Olympic-related social content has increased dramatically in the lead-up to the games. Malicious content – including profanity, pornography, trademark… Read more »


Barclays now the ‘listening’ bank

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Barclays bank is leading the way in introducing voice recognition as a form of ID. The technology recognises a customer’s unique formation of words, cancelling the need for security questions or passwords. The bank assures its customers that the system is foolproof – it will still be able to distinguish… Read more »