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Rethinking two-factor authentication

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When it comes to account security it seems that the long-touted 2-factor authentication via SMS code is no longer up to the job. Two-factor authentication, in the form of a password and a temporary code sent to phones by SMS text message, is no longer viewed as adequately secure, following… Read more »


Intel sheds cyber security arm

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As part of its major restructuring programme, Intel is reported to be considering the sale of its cybersecurity arm Intel Security (previously named McAfee – which it acquired in 2011). The chip-maker never quite succeeded in its quest to incorporate McAfee’s cyber security technology into its products and is now… Read more »


Banking malware back in business

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After a period of inactivity, banking malware code Dridex has resurfaced – Voldemort-like – to prey on unwary online bank account holders. This time it is using more sophisticated tactics to exploit victims’ fear of having their accounts compromised, ironically by sending them dangerously authentic emails warning them against being… Read more »


AI is the future of cyber security

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We ought to change our attitude to computer security risk, says Google’s Adrian Ludwig. Instead of trying to eliminate risk, we should aim to manage it. In the same way that credits cards do, we should be using data to build a different risk profile for each individual user. The… Read more »


Watch out laptop users

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Flaws have been discovered in popular off the shelf laptops by American firm Duo Security who decided to test out devices made by top names such as Acer, Lenovo and Dell. Their findings show hackers could exploit vulnerabilities found on all machines and, in the case of one of them,… Read more »


A more insidious use of driverless cars

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How secure is a driverless car really? If it is possible to hack into and manipulate the onboard computer of a standard motor vehicle then could this also be possible with a driverless car? Numerous cases in recent months have highlighted the relative ease with which car systems could be… Read more »


The atomic bomb of our age

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Cyber threats have been named the twenty-first century equivalent of the atom bomb, with some calling it the greatest possible threat to western security since the dark days of the Cold War MAD era. The co-founder of Apple and early collaborator with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, made these claims in… Read more »


Shortcut to hacking

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Industry researchers from Cornell Tech have identified a potential new line of cyber attack. By creating a programme which guesses URL shortcuts, they were able to successfully replicate functional URLs. The researchers established that companies such as Microsoft and Google are using only 6 characters to generate URL shortcuts. These… Read more »


Mossack Fonseca lacked security measures

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Security experts who have been scrutinising the Mossack Fonesca’s front end systems have discovered several weaknesses and vulnerabilities, blaming poor security and outdated systems for contributing to the attack on the Panamanian law firm. Even more alarmingly, it would appear that email communications were not encrypted either. Mossack Fonesca has… Read more »


The woman behind bug bounty programmes

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Katie Moussouris is a woman with impressive credentials when it comes to helping organisations defend themselves against cyber attack. Building on her time at HackerOne where Moussouris was instrumental in convincing Microsoft that a bug bounty programme might be a neat idea, Moussouris is at the forefront of an emerging… Read more »