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Sharp growth in cybercrime insurance

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The Financial Times quotes a report compiled by CFC that shows a 50% growth in UK insurance policies taken out against cyberattacks during 2016. Lloyd’s of London has seen a huge increase in cyber insurance uptake, and has now introduced 15 different types of cover just for cyber crime, in… Read more »


Madison Square Garden hit by hackers

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Hackers have harvested credit card data from sports and entertainment customers of the Madison Square Garden Company. The attacks, which were found to have been going on for a year, took place across the numerous venues owned by the company, and are thought to have exposed millions of customers’ names,… Read more »


ATMs across Europe hit by cyber raids

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Long gone are the days when crooks needed a JCB to ram-raid an ATM. Nowadays hackers can use malware to force cash machines to spit out their contents. For example, a hacker group named Cobalt launched a series of bold cyberattacks on ATMs across Europe over the course of several… Read more »


Cyber attack leaves Finns in the cold

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Mean-spirited hackers left residents shivering when they launched a recent DDoS attack on the heating systems at two apartment blocks in Finland. Using IoT devices, the cyber attack disabled the computer systems that control the buildings’ central heating and hot water distribution. Once the affected smart home systems had been… Read more »


NCA plays down ’skiddie’ attack

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The public-facing website of the National Crime Agency, Britain’s equivalent of the FBI, has suffered a DDoS hit. The NCA dismissed the attack as a pesky but rather insignificant occupational hazard – no more than adolescent cyber vandals (or ‘skiddies’) using other people’s programmes to take down an ‘attractive target’…. Read more »