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Record-breaking year for breaches

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The first half of 2017 has already witnessed more data leaks and thefts than in the whole of the previous year. So far 1.9 billion records have been compromised since January 1st, up from 1.37 billion in the whole of 2016 – that means, on average, every day over 10… Read more »


Bluetooth leaves gates wide open to cyberattacks

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Locking our house or car comes as second nature. Switching off our Bluetooth connection when we’re not using it should also be an automatic security measure. Why? Because researchers have identified an attack called BlueBorne that exploits a range of vulnerabilities inherent in Bluetooth’s implementation in several software systems –… Read more »


Intel forced to reveal ME kill switch

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For many years users have been complaining about Intel’s Management Engine feature, claiming that it was insecure and demanding that it should be permanently disabled. While it is a crucial component of Intel hardware, handling data streams between processor and external devices, the concern has always been that an attacker… Read more »


Worrying shortage of cybersecurity staff

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When it comes to choosing a career in the world of cyber, security seems to be a less attractive option than hacking – judging by the severe shortage of qualified cybersecurity recruits. Just as there were ‘two girls for every boy’ for Jan and Dean, according to anti-virus guru John… Read more »


The simple way for SMEs to stay cybersafe

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By taking preventative measures, the world has largely wiped out diseases such as smallpox, polio and malaria. The next big challenge is to eradicate cyber crime. Almost four million cyber crime offences were committed in Britain last year, accounting for nearly 40% of all recorded criminal incidents. SMEs with finite… Read more »


Ransomware becoming more targeted

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Purveyors of ransomware have, until now, tended to adopt a shotgun approach; spraying malicious code across as wide a field (aka the Internet) as possible in the hope that some of it will hit a victim. It now appears that they have switched their weapon of choice to a sniper… Read more »


UN agency releases global cybersecurity ranking

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Who should we turn to for advice on how to fight cybercrime? Why, Singapore; of course! Sometimes it helps being a centrally controlled city state… when it comes to cybersecurity infrastructure, for instance. According to a new UN report, with a few notable exceptions such as Singapore (1st spot) and… Read more »


Vaccination against Petya ransomware

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Researchers have come up with counter measures to tackle the new strain of Petya ransomware that is currently infecting computers across more than 60 countries. The malware was for a short time feared to be ‘invincible’ as it had no kill-switch (WannaCry had a URL which allowed for quick deactivation)…. Read more »


WannaCry was only the beginning

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Sounding like something out of a John Le Carre novel, the Shadow Brokers are the mysterious hacking group that powered the recent crippling WannaCry attack. Believed to have connections with senior government in Russia, the Shadow Brokers are seen as one the world’s most sophisticated and dangerous cyberattack teams. Security… Read more »


Salary bonanza for CISOs thanks to cybercrime

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At least one group of people (apart from the hackers, of course) is benefitting from the growth in cybercrime – chief information security officers (or CISOs for short). Due to the increased risk from cyber attacks, financial services companies in Europe are now paying their CISOs up to €1m, along… Read more »