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Cyber insurance increasingly important

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Confirming the World Economic Forum’s view that cyberattacks rank alongside natural disasters as the most serious threats to civilisation, Lloyd’s of London now estimates that a serious hack could cost the global economy as much as major recent hurricanes such as Harvey, Maria, Irma, and Katrina – in excess of… Read more »


Intel flaw leaves system backdoor open

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Finnish cybersecurity firm F-Secure has discovered a glitch in Intel’s processors that would take any malicious actor with physical access to a PC or laptop less than a minute to exploit. The vulnerability lies in Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) remote maintenance feature, leaving a backdoor wide open to intruders…. Read more »


Cyberattacks now a top three global threat

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Forget nuclear war, terrorism, and climate change. According to the World Economic Forum, the three greatest threats to mankind are natural disasters, extreme weather and, you guessed it, cyberattacks. With so many aspects of modern day existence dependent on the Internet, the WEF’s Global Risks Report for 2018 cites ransomware… Read more »


Meltdown fix invalidates anti-virus software

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There is a new and sinister twist in the Meltdown/Spectre CPU saga. It now appears that the fixes issued by Microsoft to mitigate the problem are incompatible with several anti-virus systems. If the patch clashes with the device’s AV app it could cause ‘blue screen’ or ‘stop’ errors that prevent… Read more »


Whose finger is on the nuclear button?

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A report from the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London has highlighted the risk of a cyberattack targeting nuclear weapons; whether by a rogue state, terrorist organisation or criminal gang. While the world’s nuclear arsenal has so far acted as an effective deterrent, the consequences could… Read more »


Chips compromised by Spectre and Meltdown bugs

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By now you’ve heard plenty about Meltdown and Spectre, but this article by Bleeping Computer goes into a bit more technological detail about the background to the bugs, how they might be resolved, and the potential harm they can cause. Google has discovered that just about every Central Processing Unit… Read more »


Researcher reveals longstanding macOS bug

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A hobbyist hacker codenamed Siguza has unearthed a macOS local privilege escalation (LPE) vulnerability that appears to have been lying dormant in the system since 2002. As macOS doesn’t fork out bug bounties, Siguza opted to disclose the discovery via Twitter on New Year’s Eve instead of privately alerting Apple…. Read more »


Buildings’ heating systems attacked

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Poor procedure for installing Building Management Systems (BMS) is making it easy for hackers to use the Internet of Things to tamper with the heating systems of schools – and also universities, government offices, military bases, fire stations, restaurants, retailers and businesses in general. Due to general lack of authentication… Read more »