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Fashion shops hit by hack

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International fashion business Forever 21 is the latest retailer to suffer a databreach. The Los Angeles-headquartered clothing chain, which has over 800 stores all round the world, announced that hackers may have infiltrated the point-of-sale systems in some of its outlets, potentially stealing customers’ payment card details. So far, details… Read more »


Ever more Brits hit by Equifax breach

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It now appears that the massive Equifax data breach in early summer this year has had an even greater impact on its British customers than at first thought. The U.S. based credit rating giant holds data on over 800 million consumers and 90 million businesses around the world. Despite initially… Read more »


Aussies hit for six by data breach

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A hole in an Amazon S3 bucket has left 50,000 private and public sector workers in Australia exposed online. While the data breach has now been rectified, it’s still not clear whether any private and sensitive information has fallen into malicious hands. It appears that a third party contractor left… Read more »


More medical records exposed

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The general health of cybersecurity in the medical profession can only be described as parlous. Yet another case of lame practice has resulted in the sensitive medical records of 150,000 patients (including sensitive medical information such as blood test results), amounting to more than 47GB of data, being left for… Read more »


Yahoo breach even bigger than first thought

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It now looks as if every one of Yahoo’s 3 billion account holders was affected by the data breach in 2013, a figure dramatically larger than the original estimate of 1 billion. Yahoo, which is now part of Verizon’s media and telematics subsidiary Oath Inc, was breached again in 2014,… Read more »


Massive Equifax leak apparently caused by single employee

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According to its now former CEO Richard Smith, the Equifax data breach that began in March this year was the fault of a single unnamed employee. This hapless member of staff had been tasked with communicating instructions to the security team to deploy a software patch that was issued as… Read more »


There’s a hole in my bucket

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Amazon’s S3 servers are proving to be distinctly leaky. Security advisers have identified that over a third of its cloud storage buckets appear to be unencrypted, and 7% are currently exposed online. Already this year, S3’s misconfiguration has resulted in several data breaches, including high profile leaks at Wells Fargo,… Read more »


School’s out – thanks to some hackers

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Students in Flathead Valley, Montana recently found themselves with an unscheduled long weekend vacation, due to a cyber attack on the district’s education community by a hacking group calling itself TheDarkOverlord. The attackers are believed to have harvested sensitive information on past and present pupils, parents and staff at thirty… Read more »


Record-breaking year for breaches

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The first half of 2017 has already witnessed more data leaks and thefts than in the whole of the previous year. So far 1.9 billion records have been compromised since January 1st, up from 1.37 billion in the whole of 2016 – that means, on average, every day over 10… Read more »


Equifax compounds data breach fiasco

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Not content with falling victim to one of the worst data breaches in history, leading credit rating firm Equifax has been sending its anxious customers to a fake website to check whether or not they have been compromised. Fortunately for all concerned, the site’s developer had no evil intentions, but… Read more »