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Leadership failure caused massive data breach

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A congressional report into a major cyber security breach at the US Office for Personnel Management – which manages HR for American civil servants – is pointing the finger at complacency and incompetence amongst senior staff allied to sloppy cyber hygiene and inadequate security technologies. The intrusion is believed to… Read more »


Beautifulpeople.com got hacked

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Personal details from over one million users of the website beautifulpeople.com have turned up on the black market after a successful assault by hackers on one of their servers. Beautifulpeople.com is a dating site where members vote on would-be new members based on their looks. The site’s breach was discovered… Read more »


Mossack Fonseca lacked security measures

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Security experts who have been scrutinising the Mossack Fonesca’s front end systems have discovered several weaknesses and vulnerabilities, blaming poor security and outdated systems for contributing to the attack on the Panamanian law firm. Even more alarmingly, it would appear that email communications were not encrypted either. Mossack Fonesca has… Read more »


Even Switzerland isn’t safe

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*gasp* Posterchild of everything, including reliable railway systems and state regulation, Switzerland, has become the latest victim of a cyber attack. Hackers have recently targeted the websites of the Swiss Federal Railways and the Swiss People’s Party. Apparently, over fifty thousand email addresses were stolen from the latter. Private organisations… Read more »


Your mouse isn’t being controlled by you

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Not even your mouse and keyboard are safe now, as researchers have discovered a flaw in many leading models of wireless accessories. The protocols used to connect these wireless devices to a PC are usually unencrypted, leaving them wide open to outsider attack. Using a cheap over-the-counter USB dongle, a… Read more »


Ransomware affecting hospital

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Attacks using ransomware is a growing trend amongst cyber criminals, and as such an increasing cyber security risk. In its simplest form, it is the practice of disabling a network or preventing access to it and demanding money in exchange for restored access. This can be devastating for commercial organisations… Read more »


Hospital cyber attack affects patients

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One of Melbourne’s largest hospitals has recently been the victim of a computer virus leaving a trail of chaos in its wake. As the majority of hospital processes, including appointment scheduling and medical history records, are reliant upon the use of a computer network the hospital has had to revert… Read more »


Cyber attack on IRS system

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The US government’s tax collection office, the Inland Revenue Service, has uncovered a cyber attack which affected thousands of US citizens. Hackers were able to manipulate computer systems to file several thousand applications for tax return pin codes. The Agency stated that the criminals had apparently used individual social security… Read more »


Wetherspoons website hit by small-scale hack attack

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Pub chain JD Wetherspoons has revealed that it has been the victim of a data hack and that card information from around 100 customers has been stolen. The company has described the breach as small-scale and stated that the data taken is not comprehensive enough to allow customer bank accounts… Read more »


Charges brought in massive US financial hacking

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US prosecutors have brought charges against three men following a sustained hack attack, probably the largest in US history, over a three year period spanning 2012 to 2015. One of the alleged culprits is American Joshua Aaron and the remaining two are Israeli, Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein. A fourth… Read more »