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US brokerage leaves customer data unsecured

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Even the best security system in the world is fallible if someone leaves the front door wide open. Thanks to a bungle by one of its external suppliers, 20,000 customers of online US brokerage firm Scottrade have had their sensitive loan applications laid bare to the outside world. An employee… Read more »


Health firm fined for IVF security failure

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American healthcare giant HCA International, which owns a number of private hospitals in London, has received a £200,000 fine and a public rebuke from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after patients at its Lister Hospital in Chelsea had their IVF data leaked online. In 2015 a patient discovered that doctors’… Read more »


Whistleblower flags up eBay insecurity

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A British former eBay contractor has been using blogs and social media to express concern that many of the e-commerce giant’s pages containing users’ personal information are not HTTPS encrypted. A number of security advisers agree that eBay may be failing to meet data privacy standards – allowing unauthorised access… Read more »


Yahoo sued over ‘biggest data breach in history’

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A class action lawsuit has been filed against Internet giant Yahoo for gross negligence. Yahoo suffered a massive data breach in 2014 that affected over 500 million user accounts. A purported state-sponsored actor compromised sensitive user information; including names, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and encrypted passwords. The lawsuit… Read more »


The Crypto War saga continues

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How do you reconcile individual freedom with universal security? On the one hand, tech companies want to protect the privacy of their users. On the other, law enforcement organisations – such as the FBI, CIA and NSA – argue the need to access the data of suspected criminals for the… Read more »


‘Paranoid’ Android under quadruple attack

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Security firm Checkpoint has identified that 900 million Android devices are currently at risk from hackers. Due to four new vulnerabilities – dubbed Quadrooter – hackers can potentially gain rooting privileges, which would then give them full control over the affected device. Google and hardware manufacturer Qualcomm have introduced measures… Read more »


Barclays now the ‘listening’ bank

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Barclays bank is leading the way in introducing voice recognition as a form of ID. The technology recognises a customer’s unique formation of words, cancelling the need for security questions or passwords. The bank assures its customers that the system is foolproof – it will still be able to distinguish… Read more »


Quantum comms forging ahead

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China has decided to forge ahead in the cyber security race by launching a satellite into space in the coming months, specifically designed to securely transmit data. The concept was unveiled at a seminar in Shanghai and highlights China’s aspiration to become a world leader in quantum communication. This is… Read more »