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Macy’s hit by data breach

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Macy’s, the iconic US retailer, and its sister department store Bloomingdales have suffered a data breach. While only a relatively small number of the store’s online customers are affected, the attackers have had access to their account passwords and user names for nearly two months. The breached data includes names,… Read more »


Hackers 1 Adidas 0

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German sportswear giant Adidas has admitted to being the victim of a hack that has compromised the personal data of millions of customers who have made purchases via its US website. It doesn’t appear that any financial or fitness information has been taken, however; and hackers would need to unencrypt… Read more »


US healthcare company hacked

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The hard-pressed healthcare sector has suffered yet another cybersecurity setback. It looks as if a hack on US healthcare billing claims vendor Med Associates has penetrated the medical records of more than quarter of a million patients. The attack took place in March, through a member of staff’s workstation. Med… Read more »


Live chat widget leads to Ticketmaster breach

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Ticketmaster, the California-based ticketing agency, has suffered a data breach affecting five per cent of its customers. On June 23rd, Ticketmaster’s UK operation spotted malicious software on a customer support product hosted by Inbenta Technologies; an AI company that specialises in natural language processing and semantic search. Ticketmaster was using Inbenta’s… Read more »


Flight monitoring service hacked

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Nearly a quarter of a million users of Swedish flight tracking service Flightradar24 may have had their emails and passwords compromised by a recent data breach. Flightradar24, one of the leading providers of real-time aircraft flight information, initially advised its customers to change their passwords, without making any public announcement… Read more »


Tesla takes former technician to court

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Electric car maker Tesla is suing Martin Tripp, a disillusioned former employee and self-styled whistle-blower, for attempted industrial sabotage. Elon Musk, the visionary founder of the Californian automotive-to-alternative energy company, claims that Tripp hacked into the Tesla computer system and leaked confidential information to unauthorised third parties. As well as… Read more »


Dixons Carphone hit by major hack

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Embattled telecom and electrical retailer Dixons Carphone has been hit by a massive data breach – one of Britain’s biggest to date. The breach first began in July 2017, but the company has only now admitted to it publicly. The hack exposed over one million personal data records and nearly… Read more »


US service company hit by data breach

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The Delaware-based Corporation Service Company, which supplies leading companies, banks and law firms with business services, has suffered a hack – resulting in over 5000 Californians losing personal information and payment data. The incursion took place in November 2017, when CSC detected that an intruder had penetrated its system and… Read more »


University fined over student data breach

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The Information Commissioner’s Office has slapped a £120,000 fine on Greenwich University in South London for failing to protect the personal information of nearly 20,000 students. As well as names, addresses, birth dates, signatures and phone numbers, distressingly the data also included physical and mental health issues. As part of… Read more »


US laws toughened on data breaches

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In an attempt to stem the current flow of data breaches, several US states are introducing new legislation to tighten up data protection. Prompted perhaps by the introduction of GDPR in Europe, state legislators in Delaware, Oregon, South Dakota and Alabama have all unveiled new data privacy laws. Canada is… Read more »