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FBI requests help fighting DDoS attacks

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As part of its effort to stem the ever-growing flow of DDoS attacks, the FBI is asking corporate victims to share details of incidents. The kind of information they are looking for includes the attackers’ traffic protocols, IP, email and cryptocurrency wallet addresses, netflow and packet capture logs; plus the… Read more »


Botnets assemble

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A powerful and aggressive global army is on the march, and it isn’t Islamic State or North Korean or Russian – at least not specifically. It’s an army of botnets. According to cybersecurity specialist Symantec’s latest botnet tracker, the worldwide botnet army was swelled by 6.7million new bots during 2016…. Read more »


Ukraine postal service hit by DDoS

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Ukraine has been cementing its rather unenviable position as one of the world’s leading cyber trouble hot spots. The Petya (or notPetya) malware strain that ended up wreaking havoc in over 60 countries worldwide originated in a Ukrainian accountancy business before spreading through the country’s airports, banks and supermarkets. In… Read more »


Manufacturers’ production lines are lucrative targets

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Throwing a cyber wrench into the works of a busy factory is becoming an ever more popular and lucrative ploy amongst the hacking community. The more technologically-sophisticated the production line, the more scope attackers have for disrupting it – especial if it involves finely tuned functions such as computer-imaging, barcode… Read more »


UCL attack driven by malvertising

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The formidable AdGholas malvertising threat group is now believed to be linked to the recent ransomware attack on University College London. The malvertising group, which used its Astrum Exploit Kit to distribute the Mole ransomware, appears to be moving away from its traditional theatre of operations in banking malware in… Read more »


Skype hit by DDoS attack

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Playful hacker group CyberTeam claims that its recent DDoS attack on Skype was ‘all for fun’. Disgruntled Skype users across the globe were rather less amused by the outage, using social media to vent their spleen. CyberTeam utilised a network of zombie computers – a botnet – to carry out… Read more »


Brickerbot malware damages IoT devices

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An unpleasant new strain of malware capable of destroying unprotected devices linked to the Internet of Things is now in circulation. Cyber security firm Radware has identified that the malware, known as BrickerBot.1 and BrickerBot.2, forces its way into IoT systems through configuration errors in the firmware, meaning a simple… Read more »


Net security undermined by Minecraft

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Internet supersleuth Brian Krebs has devoted ‘hundreds of hours’ to tracing the origin of the botnet that took out his blog last year – along with Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Talk Talk and the Post Office. Krebs reckons the Mirai botnet behind the DDoS attacks, the largest in internet history, can… Read more »


Cyber attack leaves Finns in the cold

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Mean-spirited hackers left residents shivering when they launched a recent DDoS attack on the heating systems at two apartment blocks in Finland. Using IoT devices, the cyber attack disabled the computer systems that control the buildings’ central heating and hot water distribution. Once the affected smart home systems had been… Read more »


NCA plays down ’skiddie’ attack

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The public-facing website of the National Crime Agency, Britain’s equivalent of the FBI, has suffered a DDoS hit. The NCA dismissed the attack as a pesky but rather insignificant occupational hazard – no more than adolescent cyber vandals (or ‘skiddies’) using other people’s programmes to take down an ‘attractive target’…. Read more »