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Hackers penetrated Alaska’s election website

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It now appears that, along with Illinois and Arizona, the state of Alaska was also a victim of hackers during the 2016 presidential election. While the hacktivists succeeded in accessing Alaska’s main election website and claimed to have penetrated its online tabulation ballot, they failed to tamper with any content…. Read more »


US states split over election security

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Such is the current paranoia surrounding unfriendly foreign regimes meddling in democratic elections through hacking, some US states are seriously considering returning to traditional paper ballots. At present, there is no consensus. The states with the best security track record, Colorado and Rhode Island, exclusively use paper-based voting systems. Other… Read more »


Georgia voters’ data exposed

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Just as Georgia prepared for a high-profile congressional run-off vote, it transpired that nearly 7m of its voter records have been exposed on the internet and freely available to hackers. Logan Lamb, an Atlanta-based private security researcher, stumbled upon a gaping security hole in the form of a misconfigured server… Read more »