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HMRC phishing campaign hits UK businesses

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Not unnaturally, people greet any correspondence from HMRC that drops into their inbox with a slight feeling of dread. Until recently it has generally involved nothing more than a request to pay owed tax. Now, however, it could be something a bit more insidious – a Trojan that gives hackers… Read more »


Which positions are the most phished?

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New research suggests that when it comes to business email compromise (BEC) attacks (also known as spear-phishing or simply phishing attacks), hackers most often take on the guise of CEO, managing director and president. Targets are, perhaps unsurprisingly, frequently decision makers in the finance department. The researchers’ analysis turned up… Read more »


Siblings hack Italian elite

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A brother and sister hacking team has gained access to the private emails of two former Italian Prime Ministers, plus senior businessmen, bankers, a security chief and even a Vatican cardinal. The FBI is assisting the Italian police with their investigations, as the campaign targeted victims in the US as… Read more »