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Encryption for the people

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US web performance and security company CloudFlare is making universal internet encryption its holy grail. While most of the big players are already tuning into HTTPS, some start-ups and smaller fish are struggling to keep pace. Encryption of websites and online traffic is a large and complex undertaking, so CloudFlare… Read more »


The Crypto War saga continues

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How do you reconcile individual freedom with universal security? On the one hand, tech companies want to protect the privacy of their users. On the other, law enforcement organisations – such as the FBI, CIA and NSA – argue the need to access the data of suspected criminals for the… Read more »


Decrypting encryption

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Who or what is protecting the data on computers and phones while they, and their owners, sleep? The answer is full disk encryption – which, despite its occasional vulnerability, is one of the most important tools in securing the data on people’s devices. Full disk encryption protects data while it’s… Read more »


Google late to the encryption party

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‘Allo’ the new messaging service to be launched by Google this summer is to feature an ‘incognito’ setting which will provide total end-to-end encryption. This new system is called ‘Signal’ and will also be available on Google’s new video app, ‘Duo’. Signal encryption will prevent Google from accessing any conversation… Read more »


Viber joins the encrypted ranks

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Viber has joined the ranks of encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp by offering total encryption to its millions of users. Unlike Facebook, Viber falls outside the reach of the new Encryption Bill currently proposed by the US Senate as it is an Israeli company. There is speculation that if… Read more »


WhatsApp rolls out encryption

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WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has revealed that now all its messages can be completely encrypted. This is a very timely development set in the light of a well reported dispute between Apple and the FBI in the States over an encryption issue, and some cynics might point towards it being… Read more »


Mass roll-out of encrypted emails soon?

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Some of the biggest players in internet technology have collaborated to develop encrypted email, aimed at preventing so-called MITM attacks – man in the middle hacks. Experts from Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, amongst other leading technology firms, have are proposing a more modern take on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol,… Read more »


Your mouse isn’t being controlled by you

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Not even your mouse and keyboard are safe now, as researchers have discovered a flaw in many leading models of wireless accessories. The protocols used to connect these wireless devices to a PC are usually unencrypted, leaving them wide open to outsider attack. Using a cheap over-the-counter USB dongle, a… Read more »


Encrypted messaging app hits 100 mio users

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Less than three years after its launch, the company behind free encrypted messaging App Telegram reports it has 100 million users. Telegram was started by Pavel Durov and his brother and quickly hit the headlines last year when it was alleged that members of IS may have used the app… Read more »


Talk Talk latest victim of “significant” hack attack

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Personal and banking details belonging to up to four million customers are believed to have been stolen from phone and broadband provider Talk Talk in what is being called a “significant” hack attack. Customers are being advised to change their account password as soon as the company’s website is back… Read more »