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German Government mauled by Fancy Bear

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The Federal Government of Germany’s IT network is currently under serious cyberattack, apparently from notorious Russian state-sponsored hacking group Fancy Bear – prime suspects in previous federal disruptions in Germany, as well as interference in the US presidential election. It appears that the principle targets in the latest offensive against… Read more »


France comes under cyberattack

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New French President Emmanuel Macron and some of France’s leading news media sites have both suffered cyberattacks over the past few days. First of all Monsieur Macron announced that his presidential campaign had been hacked through phishing attacks – most probably by Russian serial offender Fancy Bear. Soon afterwards Cedexis,… Read more »


Rogues’ gallery of cyber criminals announced

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IB Times has produced a list of the top five hackers in 2016 – the most notorious players in the cybercrime arena whose battleground is spread across the financial, geo-political and technology sectors. Unsurprisingly, Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear – the Kremlin-backed hackers blamed for meddling in the US Presidential… Read more »