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FBI requests help fighting DDoS attacks

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As part of its effort to stem the ever-growing flow of DDoS attacks, the FBI is asking corporate victims to share details of incidents. The kind of information they are looking for includes the attackers’ traffic protocols, IP, email and cryptocurrency wallet addresses, netflow and packet capture logs; plus the… Read more »


Customers’ biometric data breached

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The stated mission of US payment kiosk vendor Avanti Markets is ‘to fundamentally transform the unattended retail market experience through innovative thinking, the use of technology and great customer service’. Unfortunately, these fine principles have been somewhat undermined by a malware breach that has placed its customers’ personal data, payment… Read more »


A low-tech solution to a high-tech problem

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The head of the FBI has come up with a highly sophisticated solution to the problem of being watched while he’s on his computer – sticking a piece of tape over the webcam. Ironically, for the boss of an organisation that takes a keen interest in other people’s affairs, he… Read more »


Intelligence agency stumped – or was it?

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Was the FBI being a bit disingenuous in its dispute with Apple over the San Bernardino shootings? A Cambridge University security researcher suggests that they could have used equipment costing less than $100 to bypass the PIN code security measures on the terrorist’s iPhone 5c. It seems improbable that its… Read more »


Keeping the backdoor locked

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The FBI’s recent encryption contretemps with Apple has reignited discussion around whether tech companies should be obliged to include backdoors in their software. Apart from the ethical arguments, the strongest ones so far highlight the threat these backdoors pose to the integrity of system security. A recent case in point… Read more »


Ransomware gets more sophisticated

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A new and nasty variation on the ransomware theme has come to light in the US. Called MSIL/Samas, this ransomware does not just infect a sole computer, but seeks to extend its reach across entire networks. The FBI is seeking industry experts to help them combat this latest threat which… Read more »


Anonymous targets Donald Trump

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The well known Hacker group Anonymous has revealed information about the presidential candidate Donald Trump designed to highlight his purported fascist sympathies. The information was presented via a video and follows a previous supposed revelation of Trump’s social security number amongst other personal data by the infamous group. This earlier… Read more »


Apple, FBI and Congress

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It may ultimately fall to Congress to resolve the long running dispute between the FBI and the company Apple who are fighting over whether Apple’s encryption should remain inviolate. Apple is refusing the FBI access to its encryption software arguing that the implications for cybersecurity at large are immense. The… Read more »


Penn State computers compromised by Chinese hackers

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The President of Penn State University, Eric Barron, has announced in a letter to academic staff and students that Chinese hackers have had access to the computer systems within the University’s Department of Engineering for two years. The University is taking the security breach very seriously, disconnecting the whole network… Read more »


FBI lists most wanted cyber criminals

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FBI most-wanted lists bring to mind train robbers and serial killers. But with the huge rise of cyber crime over recent years, the organisation has also started keeping track of the most damaging cyber criminals in the world. Business Insider reports that the criminals are wanted for stealing money and… Read more »