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New malware attacks defy detection

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Unidentified hackers have launched a series of ‘invisible’ memory-based malware attacks on at least 140 organisations – including banks, telecoms companies and government agencies. The attacks, which are continuing, are spread across 40 countries; with the random list of US, UK, France, Ecuador and Kenya being the most heavily affected…. Read more »


Mirai malware worms its way into routers

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A number of high profile communications businesses – including TalkTalk, Post Office and Deutsche Telekom – have recently suffered malware attacks on their routers, severing their customers’ internet connections. The unknown attackers used the Mirai worm, which is spread via hijacked computers and IoT devices and causes damage to equipment… Read more »


UK customers will ditch hacked firms

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A Onepoll survey has revealed that almost half of its 1000 respondents would cancel their account if their provider suffers a data breach and over a third would avoid a company that has been hacked previously. TalkTalk, Yahoo, Three and Tesco Bank have all fallen victim to hacks in the… Read more »


Cars held to ransom(ware)

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While technology has improved automotive safety in plenty of ways, the increase in internet connectivity also opens the door to potential cyber criminals. Nearly three quarters of new cars have telematics systems, giving hackers the opportunity to lock drivers inside or outside their vehicles or even freeze the ignition; leaving… Read more »


DDoS attack caused in part by compromised devices

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Last Friday, a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack took down several major internet sites. It is now believed that Chinese electronics component manufacturer, Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology, a vendor behind internet-connected cameras and DVRs, may have played an inadvertent role in the attack. It has been found that weak… Read more »


What you can learn from US election hacks

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The recent well-publicised hacking incursions into sensitive US election material have highlighted the need for more thorough cyber security protocols across the board. Wired magazine has come up with its own easy-to-do recommendations on ways in which everyone can tighten up their online security – including adopting better passwords, two-tier… Read more »


The cyber crimes that escaped the limelight

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Just as politicians like to use a big disaster story to divert attention from their smaller gaffes, so the massive Yahoo debacle has allowed a number of other security breaches to slip under the radar. As well as the previously chronicled attack on a nuclear power plant, a hacker has… Read more »


Leadership failure caused massive data breach

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A congressional report into a major cyber security breach at the US Office for Personnel Management – which manages HR for American civil servants – is pointing the finger at complacency and incompetence amongst senior staff allied to sloppy cyber hygiene and inadequate security technologies. The intrusion is believed to… Read more »


Funds fly, fly away

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Hong Kong police have collared a Chinese fraudster who used ‘business email compromise’ (also referred to as a ‘fake president/CEO scam’) to con a leading Austrian aero-components manufacturer out of a whopping 42 million Euros. Along with ransomware, this form of scam is now the fastest growing cyber security threat… Read more »


Once bitcoin, twice shy

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Bitcoin exchanges are proving to be particularly vulnerable to cyber theft and many of them do not appear to have the capital reserves to offer compensation to their customers. Ironic though it may seem, seeing as Bitcoin has been for a long time lauded as a secure transaction platform, it… Read more »