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Attackers use fake screenshots for extortion

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The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is the nightmare of any Windows user. What joyous announcement, then, that the next time you see it, you may ‘just’ be getting spammed. It goes like this: up pops the BSOD, accompanied by some irritating beeping, followed by a Windows Troubleshooter pop-up offering… Read more »


Sneaky! There’s a crypto-miner under my taskbar

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Crypto-miners are all the rage at the moment. When a movie pirating site ran one surreptitiously, it raised a few eyebrows, but then a well-respected news site was found out to do so as well, and now it seems the list of sites secretly using visitors’ browsers to mine for… Read more »


Fashion shops hit by hack

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International fashion business Forever 21 is the latest retailer to suffer a databreach. The Los Angeles-headquartered clothing chain, which has over 800 stores all round the world, announced that hackers may have infiltrated the point-of-sale systems in some of its outlets, potentially stealing customers’ payment card details. So far, details… Read more »


‘Hack and trade’ scheme uncovered

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Ponzi, Madoff, Enron and Boesky are all names that strike fear into the hearts of legitimate stock market traders. The latest and most technologically savvy addition to this rogues’ gallery is Pennsylvanian day trader Joseph Willner; who has just been indicted for running a lucrative cyber ‘boiler room’ scheme to… Read more »


The art of phishing & how you can minimise risk

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As far as cyber security good practice is concerned, it is becoming increasingly important never to take anything at face value – particularly emails. If a message from the CEO drops into your Inbox, it may well be a hoax. The days of crude bogus mass mail shots are passing,… Read more »


Are your emails secure?

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S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a protocol for sending digitally signed and encrypted messages. So far, so good. Unfortunately, if you use Microsoft Outlook to send secure emails, any set-up employing S/MIME may not be encrypted after all – leaving the email contents wide open to snoopers. The trouble… Read more »


Fintech company ignores hole in its software

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Despite repeated warnings from a number of security organisations, Swiss banking technology company BPC continues to maintain that its SmartVista ecommerce software system remains secure. BPC deploys its SmartVista product suite in sixty countries, either as an individual point solution to meet a specific need or implemented together to form… Read more »


School’s out – thanks to some hackers

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Students in Flathead Valley, Montana recently found themselves with an unscheduled long weekend vacation, due to a cyber attack on the district’s education community by a hacking group calling itself TheDarkOverlord. The attackers are believed to have harvested sensitive information on past and present pupils, parents and staff at thirty… Read more »


WannaCry was only the beginning

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Sounding like something out of a John Le Carre novel, the Shadow Brokers are the mysterious hacking group that powered the recent crippling WannaCry attack. Believed to have connections with senior government in Russia, the Shadow Brokers are seen as one the world’s most sophisticated and dangerous cyberattack teams. Security… Read more »


Honeypots stick it to the hackers

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You don’t have to be Winnie The Pooh to find a honeypot irresistible – hackers are also liable to get their heads stuck. Security advisers are exploiting cyber criminals’ liking for a soft target by setting up deliberate deception scenarios – for instance by using a defunct server on a… Read more »