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US states split over election security

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Such is the current paranoia surrounding unfriendly foreign regimes meddling in democratic elections through hacking, some US states are seriously considering returning to traditional paper ballots. At present, there is no consensus. The states with the best security track record, Colorado and Rhode Island, exclusively use paper-based voting systems. Other… Read more »


Games company zapped by data breach

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The US division of a Japanese video game developer and publisher has been hit by a major data breach. Customers of NIS America had their personal and financial details compromised in the early part of 2018. Between January 23rd and February 26th, hackers gained access to the addresses and payment… Read more »


Dating agency hackers caught in flagrante

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As part of an overall crackdown on hacking, the Ukrainian authorities have successfully prosecuted two cyber criminals who had been operating a distributed denial of service (DDoS) extortion scheme for several years. The two miscreants – one male, one female – also ran a dating agency. Their first target was… Read more »


UK councils fight ransomware threat

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The bad news is that more than a quarter of local councils in Britain have fallen victim to ransomware attacks. The better news is that, due to their effective back-up systems, only one amongst the 115 affected councils has actually paid a ransom to retrieve its data. Due to the… Read more »


Asian hackers hit on romantics

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An ironically-named hacker group called Confucius is preying on seekers after romance by targeting singles sites. The South Asian bandits are using fake backdoor chat apps that function on both Android and Windows OS to implant malware that allows them to harvest victims’ data. So far, Confucius has targeted mainly… Read more »


Winter Games targeted by hackers

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The Winter Olympics, which starts on 9th February in Pyeongchang, South Korea is already a target for hackers. Throughout the run up to the event, there have been apparent state-sponsored hackers, such as a campaign from Russia leaking Olympic documents, and possible North Korean hackers spying on South Korean Olympic… Read more »


Hackers jump air-gaps… again

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Air-gaps have long been considered immune to hacking – because they physically isolate a system from unsecured networks which themselves may be connected to the internet or a wider network. Researchers have forever been busy trialling and testing proof of concept hacks to bridge the air-gap, and they’ve successfully proven… Read more »


New hacking group pulls off major bank heist

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According to Russian security firm Group-IB a new group of cyber criminals dubbed MoneyTaker has launched lucrative attacks on a number of US and Russian finance houses; harvesting millions of dollars. Its first incursion was in 2016 and, since then, it has robbed several US banks, plus other organisations in… Read more »


Buildings’ heating systems attacked

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Poor procedure for installing Building Management Systems (BMS) is making it easy for hackers to use the Internet of Things to tamper with the heating systems of schools – and also universities, government offices, military bases, fire stations, restaurants, retailers and businesses in general. Due to general lack of authentication… Read more »