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North Korean cyber army continues its march

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It looks increasingly likely that the massive attack on the Bangladesh Central Bank via the Swift payment transfer system just over a year ago was the work of state-sponsored North Korean hackers – or ‘information soldiers’ as they are known in Pyongyang. While in this instance they ‘only’ managed to… Read more »


New malware attacks defy detection

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Unidentified hackers have launched a series of ‘invisible’ memory-based malware attacks on at least 140 organisations – including banks, telecoms companies and government agencies. The attacks, which are continuing, are spread across 40 countries; with the random list of US, UK, France, Ecuador and Kenya being the most heavily affected…. Read more »


Siblings hack Italian elite

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A brother and sister hacking team has gained access to the private emails of two former Italian Prime Ministers, plus senior businessmen, bankers, a security chief and even a Vatican cardinal. The FBI is assisting the Italian police with their investigations, as the campaign targeted victims in the US as… Read more »


Rogues’ gallery of cyber criminals announced

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IB Times has produced a list of the top five hackers in 2016 – the most notorious players in the cybercrime arena whose battleground is spread across the financial, geo-political and technology sectors. Unsurprisingly, Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear – the Kremlin-backed hackers blamed for meddling in the US Presidential… Read more »


ATMs across Europe hit by cyber raids

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Long gone are the days when crooks needed a JCB to ram-raid an ATM. Nowadays hackers can use malware to force cash machines to spit out their contents. For example, a hacker group named Cobalt launched a series of bold cyberattacks on ATMs across Europe over the course of several… Read more »


Tit for tat hacks into Kremlin emails?

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Hackers believed to be from Ukraine have released emails from senior Kremlin official and Putin sidekick Vladislav ‘Grey Cardinal’ Surkov. Amongst the thousands of messages, dating from September 2013 to November 2014, are several that give insights into the Russian invasion of Crimea and subsequent skirmishes with Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, Russia… Read more »


Profitable ransomware industry with a conscience

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Cyber security firm McAfee reports that ransomware attacks have increased by 128% over the past year, with one attacker netting $120m in just six months. Despite these stats, the story has a heart-warming element. On underground forums some of the usually rather more unscrupulous hackers have condemned their peers for… Read more »


‘Paranoid’ Android under quadruple attack

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Security firm Checkpoint has identified that 900 million Android devices are currently at risk from hackers. Due to four new vulnerabilities – dubbed Quadrooter – hackers can potentially gain rooting privileges, which would then give them full control over the affected device. Google and hardware manufacturer Qualcomm have introduced measures… Read more »


Beware of the Great Train Hackers

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Forget emergency time tables and overcrowded carriages during rush hour – a bigger threat to commuters’ sanity and the UK’s railway network may well be cyber attacks. State-sponsored hackers have already been identified in the Network Rail system, though they are currently not actively influencing operations. However, they do have… Read more »


Facebook Messenger’s vulnerability

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Due to a security flaw in Facebook Messenger, users’ precious chats, photos, files and links could be altered, deleted and even become infested with malware. Hackers have been shown to be able to exploit this vulnerability in order to identify Facebook Messenger’s unique chat ID numbers, which allows them access… Read more »