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WikiLeaks exposes hacks by spies

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The latest revelations from WikiLeaks suggest that the CIA has been using its hacking tools to compromise hard and software products made by tech majors such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. The report also claims the spy agency has developed an automated multi-platform malware attack and control system for… Read more »


Honeypots stick it to the hackers

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You don’t have to be Winnie The Pooh to find a honeypot irresistible – hackers are also liable to get their heads stuck. Security advisers are exploiting cyber criminals’ liking for a soft target by setting up deliberate deception scenarios – for instance by using a defunct server on a… Read more »


Cisco warns ISPs of security glitch

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Cisco has revealed that its Prime Home remote management and provisioning solution contains a flaw that could expose users’ home routers and broadband gateways to hijacking. The US networking giant has urged all ISPs and vendors using its system to install a security update straight away. Prime Home gives ISPs… Read more »


Ransomware epidemic goes corporate

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Whatever fate awaits the world economy as a whole, one element predicted to keep on booming is ransomware. After all, it is already a $1bn a year industry. Its technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the attackers less scrupulous, leading to its targets becoming bigger and more lucrative – businesses… Read more »


Super Bowl red face for ISP company

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Naïve US cable giant Charter Spectrum has been ridiculed for urging American Football fans to change their WiFi passwords in support of their teams in the Super Bowl kick-off on 5th February. While adopting ‘Go New England’ or ‘Go Atlanta’ may show commendable team loyalty, it does render a supporter’s… Read more »


Washington’s email scandal continues… with the RNC

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Having previously threatened Hilary Clinton with prosecution for using personal email accounts for government business, President Trump now has to contend with, according to Newsweek, some of his most senior lieutenants doing exactly the same thing. Oops. The use of private email for government business is frowned upon because laxer… Read more »


Hacking toys is child’s play

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Once upon a time the only way a child could be hacked was during a football kick-about, but now it seems that even toys are at risk from cyber interference – and it’s all the fault of the famous IoT (and the infamous lack of regulations for it). Internet connected… Read more »


Can you hack it?

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The US Copyright Office has lifted the restrictions that stop people from reverse engineering their own devices to pinpoint security vulnerabilities and fix glitches. Believe it or not, but until now, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act essentially had made tinkering illegal. It had prevented users from hacking into the software… Read more »


What you can learn from US election hacks

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The recent well-publicised hacking incursions into sensitive US election material have highlighted the need for more thorough cyber security protocols across the board. Wired magazine has come up with its own easy-to-do recommendations on ways in which everyone can tighten up their online security – including adopting better passwords, two-tier… Read more »