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Can you hack it?

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The US Copyright Office has lifted the restrictions that stop people from reverse engineering their own devices to pinpoint security vulnerabilities and fix glitches. Believe it or not, but until now, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act essentially had made tinkering illegal. It had prevented users from hacking into the software… Read more »


What you can learn from US election hacks

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The recent well-publicised hacking incursions into sensitive US election material have highlighted the need for more thorough cyber security protocols across the board. Wired magazine has come up with its own easy-to-do recommendations on ways in which everyone can tighten up their online security – including adopting better passwords, two-tier… Read more »


The cyber crimes that escaped the limelight

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Just as politicians like to use a big disaster story to divert attention from their smaller gaffes, so the massive Yahoo debacle has allowed a number of other security breaches to slip under the radar. As well as the previously chronicled attack on a nuclear power plant, a hacker has… Read more »


Hackers spot Windows of opportunity

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Researchers at security firm CyberArk have raised concerns that Windows’ Safe Mode is anything but safe. The feature appears to give hackers more opportunity to steal PC login credentials and disable security software – while remaining undetected. Given the number of Windows systems in use, this risk could impact billions… Read more »


A low-tech solution to a high-tech problem

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The head of the FBI has come up with a highly sophisticated solution to the problem of being watched while he’s on his computer – sticking a piece of tape over the webcam. Ironically, for the boss of an organisation that takes a keen interest in other people’s affairs, he… Read more »


Breaking smart locks is for dummies

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A security researcher has discovered that most Bluetooth security locks are laughably easy to pick. Furthermore, on investigation he found that the lock manufacturers don’t seem to care all that much, as many ignored his warnings when he got in touch. Using a variety of relatively low-tech devices, Anthony Rose… Read more »


Back when the Duke of Edinburgh was hacked

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The National Museum of Computing (based at Bletchley Park, pictured left) has recently come into possession of a hoard of documents dating back to the mid 80’s, when two men called Robert Schifreen and Steve Gold hacked into BT’s Prestel system. According to Schifreen, the hack initially was the result… Read more »


Operation Icarus’ impressive tally

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The hacking collective ‘Anonymous’ have lived up to their threat of making May the month of ‘Operation Icarus’, targeting 18 financial institutions in one week alone this past month. The peak of their current activity seems to have been on May 18th with 8 websites taken off line. Their trademark… Read more »



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Is it possible to actually hack a building? With the rise and rise of the smart house, connected to the Internet of Things via its various smart electronics, it seems it’s now easier than ever. It certainly happened to Google in 2013 when two friendly hackers gained entry to its… Read more »


Shortcut to hacking

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Industry researchers from Cornell Tech have identified a potential new line of cyber attack. By creating a programme which guesses URL shortcuts, they were able to successfully replicate functional URLs. The researchers established that companies such as Microsoft and Google are using only 6 characters to generate URL shortcuts. These… Read more »