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Whistleblower flags up eBay insecurity

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A British former eBay contractor has been using blogs and social media to express concern that many of the e-commerce giant’s pages containing users’ personal information are not HTTPS encrypted. A number of security advisers agree that eBay may be failing to meet data privacy standards – allowing unauthorised access… Read more »


Nowhere to hide for insecure sites

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Firefox, Mozilla’s free and open-source web browser, is gunning for sites that collect personal data without using HTTPS encryption, in an attempt to combat the growing number of phishing attacks. Google’s Chrome web browser already flags up insecure cleartext sites that collect users’ passwords. From now on, Firefox will also… Read more »


Encryption for the people

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US web performance and security company CloudFlare is making universal internet encryption its holy grail. While most of the big players are already tuning into HTTPS, some start-ups and smaller fish are struggling to keep pace. Encryption of websites and online traffic is a large and complex undertaking, so CloudFlare… Read more »


HTTPS, our silent cyber security friend

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What happens when you add an S to HTTP? Answer – the Internet magically becomes a whole lot more secure. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. Imagine the Internet as a series of tubes. Security-wise, with HTTP those tubes are totally… Read more »