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Fingerprints are making a comeback

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In the era of DNA profiling, dusting for fingerprints may seem like a rather quaint old crime-busting technology. Nevertheless, in the world of cyber security it is poised to eclipse the password and the PIN number. A tech supergroup comprising Lenovo, Intel, Synaptics and PayPal are collaborating to develop a… Read more »


Barclays now the ‘listening’ bank

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Barclays bank is leading the way in introducing voice recognition as a form of ID. The technology recognises a customer’s unique formation of words, cancelling the need for security questions or passwords. The bank assures its customers that the system is foolproof – it will still be able to distinguish… Read more »


Smart cars and driver identification

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On board computers in cars can identify driver patterns and make accurate predictions after as little as 90 minutes’ worth of driving data. If profiling is this accurate, what implications might this have for the driving population at large in terms of driver identity and behaviour? University researchers have already… Read more »