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Hackers target US energy pipeline network

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Much has been made of the threat to the US critical infrastructure from a cyberattack – with particular emphasis on the energy sector. The recent hacking of Energy Transfer Partners, a leading supplier of pipelines for crude oil and natural gas, has therefore set alarm bells ringing. It appears that… Read more »


The siren call of infrastructure hacking

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Alarm bells are ringing in Dallas over a recent hack – literally. Infrastructure hacks are becoming more common in the US and can take many forms, but in this case hackers, whose identity and motivation remains unknown, set off all 156 Dallas emergency sirens late one recent night – a… Read more »


National infrastructure at risk

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The University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies has produced a study in collaboration with Lockheed Martin titled ‘The Integrated Infrastructure: Cyber Resiliency in Society’. The study was built around a fictional scenario involving total power outages in London and the south east of England. The various impact scenarios included… Read more »