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IoT tool vulnerable to downgrade attack

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Z-Wave protocol is a radio frequency-based communications technology created to facilitate the management of Internet of Things appliances. Unfortunately, despite its sophisticated encryption system, Z-Wave is vulnerable to a downgrade attack – a protocol that forces computers to abandon their high-quality mode of operation in favour of a less effective… Read more »


Internet of Things is full of holes

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The IoT is becoming increasingly prone to cyber attacks. With the connectivity between smart devices such as CCTV cameras, solar panels, thermostats, door locks and even sex toys, a cyber criminal can access the whole IoT ecosystem via a mobile phone, app or cloud interface. While individual IoT users are… Read more »


LizardStresser becomes IoT botnet-du-jour

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The LizardStresser botnet has allowed hackers to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to launch denial-of-service attacks on Brazilian banks, global gaming sites and government organisations. According to security firm Arbour Networks, an increasing number of criminals are using the botnet to hijack IoT devices by accessing them through users’… Read more »



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Is it possible to actually hack a building? With the rise and rise of the smart house, connected to the Internet of Things via its various smart electronics, it seems it’s now easier than ever. It certainly happened to Google in 2013 when two friendly hackers gained entry to its… Read more »