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Your toothbrush is watching you

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With the advent of the Internet of Things, intelligence agencies may soon be able to monitor our every movement – even the most private ones. The US Office of National Intelligence is already using six paradigms for collecting intelligence. They now have a new protocol called TEMPINT (temporal intelligence) which… Read more »


Is it dumb to be smart?

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Sometimes we seem to invent things just for the heck of it. Wired.com relishes the task of exposing the risk of having everyday household devices linked to the Internet of Things. It asks, for instance, whether it is essential to be able to start your shower while you are still… Read more »


Hacking toys is child’s play

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Once upon a time the only way a child could be hacked was during a football kick-about, but now it seems that even toys are at risk from cyber interference – and it’s all the fault of the famous IoT (and the infamous lack of regulations for it). Internet connected… Read more »


Cyber attack leaves Finns in the cold

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Mean-spirited hackers left residents shivering when they launched a recent DDoS attack on the heating systems at two apartment blocks in Finland. Using IoT devices, the cyber attack disabled the computer systems that control the buildings’ central heating and hot water distribution. Once the affected smart home systems had been… Read more »


LizardStresser becomes IoT botnet-du-jour

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The LizardStresser botnet has allowed hackers to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to launch denial-of-service attacks on Brazilian banks, global gaming sites and government organisations. According to security firm Arbour Networks, an increasing number of criminals are using the botnet to hijack IoT devices by accessing them through users’… Read more »