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Skype hit by DDoS attack

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Playful hacker group CyberTeam claims that its recent DDoS attack on Skype was ‘all for fun’. Disgruntled Skype users across the globe were rather less amused by the outage, using social media to vent their spleen. CyberTeam utilised a network of zombie computers – a botnet – to carry out… Read more »


Microsoft tightens security on old OS

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In response to the WannaCry attack in April, Microsoft has issued critical security updates for previously unsupported operating systems such as Windows XP and Server 2003. While the tech colossus releases regular security updates as part of its Patch Tuesday, this is the first time it has made the updates… Read more »


PowerPoint malware runs near-automatically

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Regular PowerPoint users will be familiar with the instruction to disable macros when opening the Microsoft Office document. However, a new form of social engineering attack – using PowerShell commands embedded inside a PowerPoint file – can now embed malware without unwary victims needing to enable macros. It doesn’t even… Read more »


Windows 10 is hanging on your every Word

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Anyone using Windows 10 should be aware that Microsoft is tracking, logging and storing their every keystroke. While no one seems to be quite sure as to why Microsoft would be interested in this kind of information, it sure is useful for hackers – keystroke tracking is a popular means… Read more »


Microsoft warns users of bogus warnings

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Beware emails purporting to notify Microsoft customers about fake pending charges on their credit cards this Christmas – as they are riddled with Cerber ransomware. The phishing email, which is full of inconsistencies and anomalies, urges users to follow the instructions in the attached Word document and to enable macros…. Read more »


The cyber crimes that escaped the limelight

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Just as politicians like to use a big disaster story to divert attention from their smaller gaffes, so the massive Yahoo debacle has allowed a number of other security breaches to slip under the radar. As well as the previously chronicled attack on a nuclear power plant, a hacker has… Read more »


Office 365 gets security thumbs up

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Around 60 million businesses have adopted Office 365 as their cloud-based office suite of choice. While its in-built security features are viewed in a positive light, they can also be augmented with add-ons. The specific characteristics that customers favour include Active Directory – which is easy to integrate with in-house… Read more »


Keeping the backdoor locked

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The FBI’s recent encryption contretemps with Apple has reignited discussion around whether tech companies should be obliged to include backdoors in their software. Apart from the ethical arguments, the strongest ones so far highlight the threat these backdoors pose to the integrity of system security. A recent case in point… Read more »


Mass roll-out of encrypted emails soon?

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Some of the biggest players in internet technology have collaborated to develop encrypted email, aimed at preventing so-called MITM attacks – man in the middle hacks. Experts from Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, amongst other leading technology firms, have are proposing a more modern take on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol,… Read more »