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Google introduces new app vetting scheme

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In response to a number of recent phishing attacks, Google is beefing up its defences by unveiling a new ‘unverified app’ screen that instructs users and developers to tread carefully. This will replace the current ’error’ page that warns against opening dodgy apps and attachments. While users are still at… Read more »


WikiLeaks gets its WhatsApp wires crossed

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As a result of the Wikileaks data dump, rumours abound that the CIA can compromise Signal, WhatsApp and any other encrypted chat apps. Fear not, this isn’t true. Due to the end-to-end encryption used by the leading messaging systems, no one can access a private message while it’s in transit… Read more »


Are VPNs as private as they seem?

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While VPNs are being touted as one of the most effective means of keeping personal data away from the prying eyes of the outside world, it’s important to remember that they do allow nearly infinite access for the providers. These companies could easily decide to release users’ browsing history to… Read more »


Israeli soldiers fall into Hamas honey trap

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Palestinian fundamentalist organisation Hamas has left the Israeli military with pink faces after hacking into soldiers’ smartphones disguised as seductive temptresses. Having stolen the women’s identities from their social media profiles, the Hamas hackers persuaded the soldiers to install an app that gave them control over their phones. Once they… Read more »


Beware of bogus Android apps

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Never, ever download apps outside of authorised app stores. Never. Attackers are using Gooligan malware as a launch pad for rogue Android apps aimed at stealing users’ data. According to security researchers, the best way to avoid being stung is by steering clear of dodgy app stores and sticking religiously… Read more »


Google suffers record hack

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Security firm Check Point has found that more than a million Android users have been put at risk by malware that allows hackers to root their devices remotely – and the number is rising at a rate of 13,000 each day. The Gooligan malware has been affecting Google’s Android devices… Read more »


WhatsApp, doc?

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A security researcher at Apple’s iOS mobile operating system has discovered that deleting, archiving or clearing WhatsApp chats does not necessarily wipe them out altogether. This could give law enforcers the chance to issue a warrant to obtain deleted WhatsApp chat logs. This phenomenon is not exclusive to WhatsApp, however,… Read more »


Pokemon Go – the latest cyber crime craze

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Pokemon Go has swept the world in recent weeks and cyber criminals have been quick to note the opportunities for exploitation. A new Android lockscreen malware called Pokemon GO Ultimate poses as an app for the game, infecting a victim’s phone immediately following installation and then locking the screen. Upon… Read more »


WhatsApp rolls out encryption

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WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has revealed that now all its messages can be completely encrypted. This is a very timely development set in the light of a well reported dispute between Apple and the FBI in the States over an encryption issue, and some cynics might point towards it being… Read more »


Google Play still affected by malware

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Google Play store has fallen victim to malware. Security experts in Russia discovered a malware which would infect users’ devices with spyware, hidden in various Android apps on the Play store. A wide range of apps have been infected, and once installed on end devices they would be ready to… Read more »