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Keep tabs on your phone

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The great smartphone dilemma is whether to opt for safe and boring or insecure and interesting. Anyone in possession of an all-singing, all-dancing mobile should make sure they are fully aware of its vulnerabilities and take preventative measures. Most people keep a treasure trove of valuable data on their phone,… Read more »


New Samsung operating system fails security tests

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South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung has had its fair share of problems recently. Apart from its phones catching fire and its boss winding up in jail, it seems that the vulnerabilities in its smart TVs, phones and watches are getting worse rather than improving. Israeli researcher Amihai Neiderman has identified… Read more »


Your printer may have ears…

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… and the ability to spy in on your mobile phone. Inspired by mobile phone towers disguised as trees and all manners of innocuous objects, a Berlin-based hacker-artist has devised an office printer that can listen in to private telephone conversations and text messages. Part a prank, part art installation… Read more »


The million dollar phone

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Well, almost. But would you pay $14,000 for a phone? The Solarin phone has just been launched by Sirin Labs and is aimed firmly at the top end of the income market. But what justifies the price tag? Turns out, an almost James Bond-esque blend of apparently inviolable security features…. Read more »