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Is email past its sell-by date?

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Almost everyone complains about email at some point or other – both for its overuse and its susceptibility to viruses, Trojans, phishing and spam. Despite this, it has many virtues – borne out by the fact that over 2.5 billion people now use it. It’s free, easy to access, has… Read more »


Ransomware epidemic goes corporate

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Whatever fate awaits the world economy as a whole, one element predicted to keep on booming is ransomware. After all, it is already a $1bn a year industry. Its technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the attackers less scrupulous, leading to its targets becoming bigger and more lucrative – businesses… Read more »


The world’s first Cybathlon

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Hot on the heels of the Rio Paralympics comes the first Cybathlon – an international contest held near Zurich that pits the best bionic and robotic innovations against each other. It differs from the Paralympics in that the disabled human ‘pilots’, along with their teams of technologists and developers, are… Read more »


Fingerprints are making a comeback

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In the era of DNA profiling, dusting for fingerprints may seem like a rather quaint old crime-busting technology. Nevertheless, in the world of cyber security it is poised to eclipse the password and the PIN number. A tech supergroup comprising Lenovo, Intel, Synaptics and PayPal are collaborating to develop a… Read more »


The million dollar phone

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Well, almost. But would you pay $14,000 for a phone? The Solarin phone has just been launched by Sirin Labs and is aimed firmly at the top end of the income market. But what justifies the price tag? Turns out, an almost James Bond-esque blend of apparently inviolable security features…. Read more »


Quantum comms forging ahead

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China has decided to forge ahead in the cyber security race by launching a satellite into space in the coming months, specifically designed to securely transmit data. The concept was unveiled at a seminar in Shanghai and highlights China’s aspiration to become a world leader in quantum communication. This is… Read more »


Lobbying for driverless car-friendly legislation

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Internet giant and early champion of driverless car technology Google has joined forces with manufacturers Ford and Volvo as well as well known taxi firm Uber. The idea is to guide and influence the legislation that will govern this emerging market and also to promote the concept of driverless cars… Read more »


A more insidious use of driverless cars

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How secure is a driverless car really? If it is possible to hack into and manipulate the onboard computer of a standard motor vehicle then could this also be possible with a driverless car? Numerous cases in recent months have highlighted the relative ease with which car systems could be… Read more »


Mass roll-out of encrypted emails soon?

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Some of the biggest players in internet technology have collaborated to develop encrypted email, aimed at preventing so-called MITM attacks – man in the middle hacks. Experts from Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, amongst other leading technology firms, have are proposing a more modern take on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol,… Read more »