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Online trading apps insecure

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There’s always an element of risk in playing the stock market. However, traders now have to face the extra hazard of having their money or personal data stolen. Alejandro Hernandez, a researcher with personal experience of online trading, has identified that several leading mobile stock trading applications have a number… Read more »


Equifax compounds data breach fiasco

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Not content with falling victim to one of the worst data breaches in history, leading credit rating firm Equifax has been sending its anxious customers to a fake website to check whether or not they have been compromised. Fortunately for all concerned, the site’s developer had no evil intentions, but… Read more »


How hackers can cache in

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Information security specialist Omer Gil has come up with an ingenious method of conning a web server into exposing personal data through a caching attack. Any sites that use content delivery network (CDN) services are vulnerable to this new threat. Gil’s idea, showcased at Black Hat Conference, demonstrates how an… Read more »


Keep tabs on your phone

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The great smartphone dilemma is whether to opt for safe and boring or insecure and interesting. Anyone in possession of an all-singing, all-dancing mobile should make sure they are fully aware of its vulnerabilities and take preventative measures. Most people keep a treasure trove of valuable data on their phone,… Read more »


Georgia voters’ data exposed

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Just as Georgia prepared for a high-profile congressional run-off vote, it transpired that nearly 7m of its voter records have been exposed on the internet and freely available to hackers. Logan Lamb, an Atlanta-based private security researcher, stumbled upon a gaping security hole in the form of a misconfigured server… Read more »


Hackers expose cosmetic surgery pictures

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The Tsar Team hacking group is demanding ransom for photos of clients of a Lithuanian cosmetic surgery clinic. The hackers broker into the clinic’s servers and stole 25,0000 pictures, some of them displaying nude shots of patients, alongside other personal data including passport copies. They are demanding bitcoin ransom from… Read more »


Your headphones are leaking… personal data

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Leading US audio equipment company Bose has been taken to court for allegedly using its smartphone application to collect personally identifiable information on users. Having harvested the listener’s personal details through its Bose Connect app, it is apparently selling on the data to third parties. Most people won’t be too… Read more »


Boeing employee emails personal data of 36k colleagues

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If Boeing had used its own Cipher data loss protection software, it wouldn’t have mattered when an employee accidentally emailed his wife a spreadsheet containing the personal data of 36,000 colleagues – including their Social Security number and date of birth. Seriously, the software’s product information even states that “Boeing… Read more »


Are VPNs as private as they seem?

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While VPNs are being touted as one of the most effective means of keeping personal data away from the prying eyes of the outside world, it’s important to remember that they do allow nearly infinite access for the providers. These companies could easily decide to release users’ browsing history to… Read more »


Don’t trust the Web of Trust

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The Web of Trust, a popular free web browser extension dedicated to privacy and security, has been selling on user data, according to German TV news reporters. Ironically for a plug-in that informs users whether websites are safe to visit, WOT has failed to ensure that the sensitive personal data… Read more »