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France comes under cyberattack

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New French President Emmanuel Macron and some of France’s leading news media sites have both suffered cyberattacks over the past few days. First of all Monsieur Macron announced that his presidential campaign had been hacked through phishing attacks – most probably by Russian serial offender Fancy Bear. Soon afterwards Cedexis,… Read more »


Tit for tat hacks into Kremlin emails?

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Hackers believed to be from Ukraine have released emails from senior Kremlin official and Putin sidekick Vladislav ‘Grey Cardinal’ Surkov. Amongst the thousands of messages, dating from September 2013 to November 2014, are several that give insights into the Russian invasion of Crimea and subsequent skirmishes with Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, Russia… Read more »


Democrats hacked by Russian Bears

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Hundreds of files of confidential political research produced by the Democratic Party continue to be leaked after last week’s hack attack. US security firm Crowdstrike had revealed that two groups of Russian hackers were implicated in the break-in targeting the Democratic National Congress’s computer network – stealing research on Republican… Read more »