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WikiLeaks exposes hacks by spies

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The latest revelations from WikiLeaks suggest that the CIA has been using its hacking tools to compromise hard and software products made by tech majors such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. The report also claims the spy agency has developed an automated multi-platform malware attack and control system for… Read more »


Your toothbrush is watching you

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With the advent of the Internet of Things, intelligence agencies may soon be able to monitor our every movement – even the most private ones. The US Office of National Intelligence is already using six paradigms for collecting intelligence. They now have a new protocol called TEMPINT (temporal intelligence) which… Read more »


Green light for Signal security

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Signal, the encrypted instant messaging and voice calling app for Android and iOS, has passed a security audit by the International Association for Cryptologic Research with flying colours. Five researchers from the UK, Australia and Canada subjected Signal to a rigorous workout, and have found that its cryptographic core stands… Read more »


Don’t trust the Web of Trust

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The Web of Trust, a popular free web browser extension dedicated to privacy and security, has been selling on user data, according to German TV news reporters. Ironically for a plug-in that informs users whether websites are safe to visit, WOT has failed to ensure that the sensitive personal data… Read more »


The Crypto War saga continues

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How do you reconcile individual freedom with universal security? On the one hand, tech companies want to protect the privacy of their users. On the other, law enforcement organisations – such as the FBI, CIA and NSA – argue the need to access the data of suspected criminals for the… Read more »


WhatsApp, doc?

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A security researcher at Apple’s iOS mobile operating system has discovered that deleting, archiving or clearing WhatsApp chats does not necessarily wipe them out altogether. This could give law enforcers the chance to issue a warrant to obtain deleted WhatsApp chat logs. This phenomenon is not exclusive to WhatsApp, however,… Read more »


Whistleblower Snowden designs spy-proof smartphone case

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Edward Snowden has announced he is developing a counter surveillance device. Taking the form of a modified iPhone 6 case, the device alerts users if their smartphone is transmitting information that could potentially be monitored – more effectively than switching it to ‘airplane mode’. Snowden is working in partnership with… Read more »


The million dollar phone

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Well, almost. But would you pay $14,000 for a phone? The Solarin phone has just been launched by Sirin Labs and is aimed firmly at the top end of the income market. But what justifies the price tag? Turns out, an almost James Bond-esque blend of apparently inviolable security features…. Read more »


State sanctioned hacking?

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The US Supreme Court has announced a procedural change which will allow magistrates to issue search warrants to access and investigate computers which are outside their immediate jurisdiction. The reasoning behind this is to enable the judiciary to pursue those who perpetrate crime across different states, exploiting legal border restrictions…. Read more »


Voice recognition apps may be used for advertising

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A recent thread on the community website Reddit seems to indicate that mobile phones may be getting used for some rather dubious advertising methods. Smartphone users have been reporting that their phones seem to be listening in on their personal conversations and then serving up advertising or newsfeeds which relate… Read more »