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Consumer brand giant counts the cost of cyberattack

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British household goods company Reckitt Benckiser has put a figure on the cost of the cyberattack that clobbered it and numerous other businesses in June this year. In a statement released the week following the attack the businesses predicts that revenue will be down 2% on the same period in… Read more »


Vaccination against Petya ransomware

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Researchers have come up with counter measures to tackle the new strain of Petya ransomware that is currently infecting computers across more than 60 countries. The malware was for a short time feared to be ‘invincible’ as it had no kill-switch (WannaCry had a URL which allowed for quick deactivation)…. Read more »


UCL attack driven by malvertising

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The formidable AdGholas malvertising threat group is now believed to be linked to the recent ransomware attack on University College London. The malvertising group, which used its Astrum Exploit Kit to distribute the Mole ransomware, appears to be moving away from its traditional theatre of operations in banking malware in… Read more »


Top university takes ransomware hit

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University College London, one of the world’s most eminent seats of learning, has suffered a ransomware attack that has severely affected access to the files of its academics. Initially the malware infestation, which circumvented the college’s antivirus system, was thought to be the result of a phishing excursion. It now… Read more »


WannaCry was only the beginning

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Sounding like something out of a John Le Carre novel, the Shadow Brokers are the mysterious hacking group that powered the recent crippling WannaCry attack. Believed to have connections with senior government in Russia, the Shadow Brokers are seen as one the world’s most sophisticated and dangerous cyberattack teams. Security… Read more »


WannaCry cyberattack holds the world to ransom

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The recent well-publicised WannaCry global cyberattack is believed to be the largest so far, infecting over 200,000 computers across 150 countries with ransomware. As previously reported by many news outlets (and subsequently on this blog), ransomware is big business, and incidents have increased dramatically over the past few years. It… Read more »


Ransomware epidemic goes corporate

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Whatever fate awaits the world economy as a whole, one element predicted to keep on booming is ransomware. After all, it is already a $1bn a year industry. Its technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the attackers less scrupulous, leading to its targets becoming bigger and more lucrative – businesses… Read more »


Microsoft warns users of bogus warnings

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Beware emails purporting to notify Microsoft customers about fake pending charges on their credit cards this Christmas – as they are riddled with Cerber ransomware. The phishing email, which is full of inconsistencies and anomalies, urges users to follow the instructions in the attached Word document and to enable macros…. Read more »


Good guys hit back at ransomware crooks

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Ransomware attackers are no longer having it all their own way, due to a backlash from the cyber security industry. A good example of a successful counterstrike is the speed with which a recent Telegram app ransomware was dismantled. In many cases, white hats are able to exploit basic flaws… Read more »