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Manufacturers’ production lines are lucrative targets

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Throwing a cyber wrench into the works of a busy factory is becoming an ever more popular and lucrative ploy amongst the hacking community. The more technologically-sophisticated the production line, the more scope attackers have for disrupting it – especial if it involves finely tuned functions such as computer-imaging, barcode… Read more »


Shhh! Alexa can hear you

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Is your friendly Amazon Echo serving your every whim and need – or is it spying on you? A British researcher has found a simple way of using malware and an SD card to convert an innocent speaker into a secret bugging device. In a time where voice-activated digital assistants… Read more »


Ransomware made easy

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To coincide with Def Con and Black Hat, cybersecurity’s two biggest events, the BBC has been scrutinising the world of internet crime – in particular how easy it is to become a cyber criminal. The dramatic growth in ransomware is attributed to the ready availability, from a run-of-the-mill search engine,… Read more »


Ransomware becoming more targeted

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Purveyors of ransomware have, until now, tended to adopt a shotgun approach; spraying malicious code across as wide a field (aka the Internet) as possible in the hope that some of it will hit a victim. It now appears that they have switched their weapon of choice to a sniper… Read more »


Ransomware a rare(r) but potent threat

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A recent report by AV-Test states that despite the amount of airtime and articles devoted to ransomware, this particular type of malware only accounts for a small percentage of global cyberattacks. Despite its relatively small share of the cybercrime market, the study by AV-Test, an independent organisation that evaluates antivirus… Read more »


Consumer brand giant counts the cost of cyberattack

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British household goods company Reckitt Benckiser has put a figure on the cost of the cyberattack that clobbered it and numerous other businesses in June this year. In a statement released the week following the attack the businesses predicts that revenue will be down 2% on the same period in… Read more »


Vaccination against Petya ransomware

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Researchers have come up with counter measures to tackle the new strain of Petya ransomware that is currently infecting computers across more than 60 countries. The malware was for a short time feared to be ‘invincible’ as it had no kill-switch (WannaCry had a URL which allowed for quick deactivation)…. Read more »


UCL attack driven by malvertising

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The formidable AdGholas malvertising threat group is now believed to be linked to the recent ransomware attack on University College London. The malvertising group, which used its Astrum Exploit Kit to distribute the Mole ransomware, appears to be moving away from its traditional theatre of operations in banking malware in… Read more »


Top university takes ransomware hit

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University College London, one of the world’s most eminent seats of learning, has suffered a ransomware attack that has severely affected access to the files of its academics. Initially the malware infestation, which circumvented the college’s antivirus system, was thought to be the result of a phishing excursion. It now… Read more »