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News site’s security breach walk-through

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Online tech newshound Wired.com spends much of its time reporting on other people’s hacks. In a reversal of roles, it recently received a tip-off that its own security might be compromised. Eager to practice what it preaches, Wired immediately put a fix in place, cleared the data from the affected… Read more »


Siblings hack Italian elite

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A brother and sister hacking team has gained access to the private emails of two former Italian Prime Ministers, plus senior businessmen, bankers, a security chief and even a Vatican cardinal. The FBI is assisting the Italian police with their investigations, as the campaign targeted victims in the US as… Read more »


Nuclear industry likely target for cyberattacks

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The director of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has revealed that a nuclear power station suffered a cyber attack during the last three years. He is urging the international community to take the issue of cyber attacks on nuclear-related facilities more seriously. While strikes on nuclear installations have… Read more »


A question of security

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In the wake of the recent record-breaking Yahoo security breach, questions are being asked about whether security questions – such as the user’s birthplace or the name of a first pet – are still viable. Once this information is in the hands of hackers, it can have the unfortunate side… Read more »


MySpace comes back to haunt users

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Millions of personal account details from users of Tumblr and MySpace have recently appeared on the dark web for sale. This comes shortly after personal details of LinkedIn users were being sold online as well. In both cases, the data seems to be reasonably old, suggesting that the theft took… Read more »


SAP vulnerabilities remain a threat

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American security firm Onapsis has discovered a security breach in 36 international companies with potentially devastating consequences. The affected organisations are located around the globe and cover a range of industries, although none of them have been directly identified. The vulnerability appeared in an older version of the widely used… Read more »


Beautifulpeople.com got hacked

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Personal details from over one million users of the website beautifulpeople.com have turned up on the black market after a successful assault by hackers on one of their servers. Beautifulpeople.com is a dating site where members vote on would-be new members based on their looks. The site’s breach was discovered… Read more »


Mossack Fonseca lacked security measures

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Security experts who have been scrutinising the Mossack Fonesca’s front end systems have discovered several weaknesses and vulnerabilities, blaming poor security and outdated systems for contributing to the attack on the Panamanian law firm. Even more alarmingly, it would appear that email communications were not encrypted either. Mossack Fonesca has… Read more »


The entire internet could be hacked… seriously

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Both Google and the software firm Red Hat have independently discovered a flaw in the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS), a vulnerability that is part of a universally used code which could spread havoc far and wide across the internet. The weak spot works by tricking browsers into looking up… Read more »


Hospital cyber attack affects patients

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One of Melbourne’s largest hospitals has recently been the victim of a computer virus leaving a trail of chaos in its wake. As the majority of hospital processes, including appointment scheduling and medical history records, are reliant upon the use of a computer network the hospital has had to revert… Read more »