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Is our Wi-Fi no longer safe?

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The WPA2 security protocol (stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 and is the common method of securing networks through the use of a ‘key’) has been providing effective and reassuring protected access for wireless networks since 2004. Suddenly, however, all bets are now off – due to a new threat… Read more »


Green energy lacks cybersecurity

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They may hold the key to saving the planet, but wind farms are easy prey for malicious hackers. Researchers from the University of Tulsa have exposed the vulnerability of wind turbines to various kinds of cyberattack, demonstrating how easy it is to hack into one unit in order to bring… Read more »


Watch out laptop users

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Flaws have been discovered in popular off the shelf laptops by American firm Duo Security who decided to test out devices made by top names such as Acer, Lenovo and Dell. Their findings show hackers could exploit vulnerabilities found on all machines and, in the case of one of them,… Read more »


Apple users warned of security flaw

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Users of Apple’s OS X operating system have been told to take care when browsing online as the company await a solution for a security flaw. According to researchers the security flaw had existed for months but no-one had reported it publicly. It is feared that hackers may now be… Read more »