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‘Paranoid’ Android under quadruple attack

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Security firm Checkpoint has identified that 900 million Android devices are currently at risk from hackers. Due to four new vulnerabilities – dubbed Quadrooter – hackers can potentially gain rooting privileges, which would then give them full control over the affected device. Google and hardware manufacturer Qualcomm have introduced measures… Read more »


Is security software a Trojan Horse?

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Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy has identified that, far from simply providing protection against hack attacks for computers, anti virus programmes could actually be offering a route in for hackers. The findings came as a result of Ormandy’s work on Symantec’s suite of security products, which he found to be… Read more »


Hacking a microchip

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Where is the best place to hide a security flaw in software? How about nowhere – but instead in the hardware itself. Deep within the recesses of the computer’s microchip, to be more precise. Researchers from the University of Michigan have proven that this is possible, and it’s earned them… Read more »