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At last, a chance to spy on the spyware

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A new ten-minute video reveals publicly for the first time some of the secrets of spyware. Until now, vendors of spyware have presented this kind of information exclusively to potential customers – such as police departments and government agencies (and in some cases presumably anyone else willing to pay the… Read more »


Quantum comms forging ahead

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China has decided to forge ahead in the cyber security race by launching a satellite into space in the coming months, specifically designed to securely transmit data. The concept was unveiled at a seminar in Shanghai and highlights China’s aspiration to become a world leader in quantum communication. This is… Read more »


Surveillance, toys and other cyber news

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Cyber security issues are always hot news, and so far February has seen a number of high-profile cases. But some of the stories which, for some reason, go under the radar can be just as interesting. Here’s a round-up of lesser-known, not as well reported cyber stories: Let’s start with… Read more »